Career Cruising

This is an excellent resource for exploring types of occupations that students might be interested in pursuing. Career Cruising has a number of very useful tools:

  • Matchmaker - a series of questions that help you identify strengths, interests, and skills.
  • Careers - a tool that allows you to look up different careers and the education requirements needed to pursue that option.
  • Education - a tool that allows you to explore colleges, universities and apprenticeships.

We encourage students to keep an up-to-date Portfolio in order to help them with planning their post-secondary pathway.

To access Career Cruising, please click here.
To access this site students require a username and password. The username is the student's DSBN student number (found on student card, report card, and timetable). Passwords are available from the DSBN Academy Guidance Counsellor.

For further inquiries regarding Career Cruising, please make an appointment with the DSBN Academy Guidance Counsellor.

Course Planning

Career Cruising has many tools to assist students and families with planning pathways and courses in high school. The Course Planner tool in Career Cruising is the mechanism we use for course selections.