Admission Requirements

DSBN Academy recruits and enrolls students from all 13 municipalities within the Niagara Region. Eligible applicants must meet the following requirements, both at the time of application as well as at enrollment:

  • Student must be entering Grades 6, 7 or 8 in September.
  • Student would be the first in their family to graduate from a college or university program. If a sibling of the student has attended a post-secondary institution but the parent(s)/guardian(s) have not, the student is still considered a First Generation Student.
  • Student must be achieving current grade level expectations or just below.
  • Student has demonstrated the potential for achieving "good" or "excellent" learning skills, particularly initiative, independent work and responsibility.
  • Student must be willing to attend a school location that may be out of his/her community.
  • Student understands that there is a mandatory after-school program which includes enrichment opportunities and academic supports.
  • Families must understand that it is a single track pathway beginning in grade 9 (Academic Level Only).
  • Families understand that there is a parent engagement requirement of 15 hours each year.
  • Applicants must submit a completed application by the deadline.

Admission Process

The admissions process for DSBN Academy begins in November and ends in March of each year.

  1. In collaboration with your child, complete each section of the application form according to application guidelines and expectations.
  2. Submit the completed application to the Principal of your child’s current school.
  3. The Principal of your child’s school will forward the application package to DSBN Academy.
  4. The Applicant Review Committee will review the application package to determine eligibility. Please note that a lottery will be used if there are more eligible students than spaces available. Applicants not immediately selected for enrollment to DSBN Academy will be placed on a waiting list and will be considered if spaces become available.
  5. Acceptance letters will be mailed to student address no later than March 31.

DSBN Academy welcomes the opportunity for applicants and their families to tour our facilities and deepen their understandings of our Program. Please contact the School Office at 905-684-8708 to schedule a tour of DSBN Academy.