At DSBN Academy, our core values guide all that we do.  We strive to create a community that values academic excellence, personal responsibility and respect of self, others and property.  Our C.O.R.E. values are Commitment, Optimism, Respect and Excellence.

We are focused and committed to our education and our goals.

We are optimistic and believe in ourselves.  We have a positive attitude, the resiliency to bounce back from adversity, and hope for the future.

We are inclusive and fair, treating everyone with respect.

We complete tasks to the best of our ability even when they are difficult.

We have the right to attend school in an atmosphere that is safe, comfortable and inviting.  We do not tolerate harassment, bullying, intimidation, name-calling, fighting, possession of weapons, dangerous horseplay, or being under the influence or in possession of drugs or alcohol.  One way we show respect for each other is through our "hands off" policy.

Along with these rights, we have responsibilities.  We are expected to follow the directions of the adults who support our learning and to be courteous and respectful toward them.

We will behave in a manner that supports our own educational progress and that does not interfere with the educational progress of others.

We know that our families are important partners in our learning and we will encourage their involvement in our education.

We know that if we fail to behave appropriately, there is a set of progressive consequences, based on the contents of Bill 212 that will be enforced.  These consequences include, but are not limited to parent-teacher-administrator conferencing, detention, mediation, suspension, and expulsion.

By following this code of conduct, we know that we will be prepared for the post-secondary opportunities that we all strive to achieve.