Our extended school day offer opportunities for enrichment and academic support.  This mandatory after school program occurs 4 days per week for one hour each day.  During this time students develop self-confidence, social skills and leadership so that they may become stronger applicants for college or university.  The extension of the school day also provides opportunities for students to use their time constructively. Student select their program based on their interests, and we are very proud of our academic supports as well as our extensive list of activities and clubs provided by our teachers and community partners.

Some examples of our 2017-18 encore activities are:
Seasonal sports, Science Fair club, crafts, game time, Girls' fitness, Movie production, homework club, ball hockey, trivia, school band, Magic the Gathering, Rap, Choir,  and book club.

If you have a passion or interest that you would like to share with a group of students please call the office.

Rock Band


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