The Encore Program at the Secondary level takes on a more traditional approach. Students identify their interest and the majority of clubs and activities are seasonal or year long. This approach allows students to build on their strengths and to establish a pattern that may lead to opportunities to apply for specific bursaries or scholarships. Students identify their interest at the beginning of the year, and then every effort is made to schedule clubs and activities that allow students to access their top choices.

 Clubs & Activities

Academic Support

Learning Commons once per week, Numeracy Support


Seasonal Sports, Fitness Club, FUEL, Karate, Fencing

Fine Arts

Fine Arts Club, Mask Making, Painting, Sketching, Print Making


Cosmetology, Archery, Culinary Arts, Gaming, Movie Critics, Japanese


Student Council, Safe School Council, Junior Achievement

Performing Arts

Band, Dance, Improv, Choir


Robotics, Computer Refurbishing, Media Arts and Sound Technology


Yearbook, Newspaper

  • Fencing
  • Rock Band
  • Fitness
  • photography