DSBN Academy requires its students to dress in a manner appropriate to a productive educational environment. All students are to be in school uniform each regular school day. By adhering to our dress code, DSBN Academy students will continue to be recognized as serious students focused on success.

Uniform Policy

The uniform is traditional at DSBN Academy. It reflects the students’ commitment to excellence and success, and creates a positive atmosphere for learning. Students are expected to abide to the following guidelines.

  • Students will cooperate with the school's uniform policy at all times.
  • Students will be in uniform all day, everyday, from arrival to departure excluding designated days as determined by the Administration of the school.
  • The only shirts, sweaters, pants, skorts or shorts that students will wear are the official school uniform items supplied for the specific school.
  • Students will keep uniform items clean and in good repair.
  • Students will wear uniform items properly.

 Uniform Supplier & Ordering Process

Exclusive Imprint
108 Hartzel Rd, St Catharines, Ontario.
Phone (905) 397-0705

Alternate Dress Day Policy

While DSBN Academy is a school that uses uniforms, the school will allow "Alternate Dress Days" on designated dates during the school year. On these dates, students have the option to dress casually, including wearing jeans, and t-shirts. However, students must adhere to the Alternate Dress Code Policy listed below.

  • Shirts must modestly cover from shoulders to hips.
  • Pant, skirt or dress length must be appropriate and modest.
  • Clothing must not display any sign, symbol or phrase, which is directed at an individual, group or culture or which contains an offensive or inappropriate message, advertisement or slogan.
  • Students may wear casual shoes which are appropriate for the classroom environment (flat fashion shoe and boot). However, Crocs, flip-flops, open back shoes, high-heeled shoes and sandals are not permitted due to safety concerns.

To ensure that Alternate Dress Days are a positive experience for students, we encourage parents, guardians and students to submit inquiries regarding our policy prior to an Alternate Dress Day.

Spirit Wear Day Policy

DSBN Academy values opportunities for students to show their school pride and promote co-curricular activities by wearing a school jersey, graduating class shirts etc. Any article of clothing that has the official DSBN Academy logo is acceptable. Students are required to wear proper uniform attire other than Spirit Wear apparel. All students not participating in Spirit Wear Day must be in full DSBN Academy Uniform.